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Testimonials and Reviews


I am pleased to endorse the Wilfred Owen Violin as an envoy for peace and

reconciliation through the power of music 

- Maxim Vengerov, Violinist/Conductor and Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF


Hi Steve, 

Just wanted to let you know that the violin you made for me in 2018 is awesome. Love it more every day! It has really opened up. Wonderful tone and volume. Thanks again!

- Anne Duffus, November 2021, Ohio, USA

I am a quartet player with 8 years professional experience, and have played in such places as Gleneagles Hotel, Stirling Castle and the Signet library (for the late Donald Dewar). I am VERY pleased with the viola that Steve has made for me.

It makes a great sound, especially on the lower strings and opacks a real punch for those noisier situations.Everyone who has heard/played it has been really enthusiastic about the sound, and its exciting to play a new instrument from a contemporary maker.

I was very fortunate to get such a good instrument at an affordable price, and wouldn’t hesitate recommending his work.

- J. Dunn – Capriccio Quartet



As a viola player for many years, in both orchestral and chamber groups, I have no hesitation in recommending the instruments of Steve Burnett.

The viola which I now have has a character of it’s own, a mellow but powerful tone both across the octaves and from pp to ff.

Yet it seems to blend effortlessly also with other stringed instruments in an ensemble.

Steve’s dedication to the musicality of the instruments he makes, and to the craft skills and the techniques of makers in the Italian tradition is to be admired.

Steve offers instruments which are a tribute to that tradition yet at a truly affordable prices.

- Alasdair Guild



Steve Burnett creates violins with a unique character and superb playability. Whether I’m performing on stage or recording in the studio, my Burnett violin delivers consistently with beautifully balanced dynamics.

These instruments come highly recommended and are suitable for the student through to the discerning professional looking for a unique, hand crafted instrument with rich tonal quality.

- Iain Anderson



Violins or fiddles depending on what your preference is but I can only speak from a personal point of view. What I am looking for is a fiddle that,

  • Is easy to play

  • The balance of the tone coming from all strings are equal

  • All notes ring out, and you do not have to apply pressures to find the notes

  • The over all tone is one that combines bass, middle and treble

  • The notes played are quality notes.

I am delighted that I have met Steve Burnett because I have a violin that has made playing music so much easier. For me great violins are not about how loud they are, it is about ease of play and quality of notes combines with a very responsive touch, I can honestly say this violin give me all the points I have highlighted.

I would recommend Steve Burnett’s violins to anyone thinking of buying an instrument.

- Brendan Hendry

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